The Boxing Club

Collaboratively run artist studios at the Limehouse Town Hall. E14

For more than 20 years, the boxing club has been managing spaces and hosting events in East London.

The Boxing-Club is a collective of artists, cultural workers and community organisers who value co-learning, shared knowledge, generosity, care and sustainable labour. We would describe ourselves as: DIY culture-driven, anti-capitalist, anti-fascist and community-oriented. We are committed to diversity and social justice and seek to be part of the multicultural community in Limehouse.The Boxing Club’s activities at Limehouse Town Hall include Dorkbot, a meeting of electronic artists in collaboration with Hack Space Foundation; various dance socials including swing, tap and vogu-ing; youth groups for LGBTQ people of colour and local young people interested in arts and activism; community meals for the local Bangladeshi community; Tower Hamlets Wheelers Workshop, a monthly DIY bike workshop; and events supporting anti-fascism organising, critical discussion and workshops on the labour conditions of creative work and creative action to raise awareness of climate change.

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We sometimes have new spaces available.